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For a healthy pet we have a complete selection of freshly boned, packed & frozen wet foods along with Australia's favourite dry foods & nibbles

Meat Products

Kangaroo Mince
Kangaroo Hindquarter
Kangaroo Cubed
Beef and Kangaroo
Chicken and Kangaroo
Beef Mince
Beef Hindquarter
Steak and Kidney
Chicken Mince
Lamb Hearts
Varieties of Cooked Rolls

Dry Food

Bonnie Complete
Bonnie Working Dog
Bonnie Puppy
Bonnie Lite
Box 1 4x2
Cobber Country
Cobber Working Dog
Cobber LAD

Bone Products

Kangaroo Tail Bones
Kangaroo Thigh Bones
Beef Brisket Bones
Beef Marrow Bones
Chicken Necks
Turkey Necks
Crab Bait- Rec & Comm Qty.


Pigs Ears
Rawhide Bones
Dried Liver
Roo Treats
Other Assorted Varieties


Dog beds
Cat scratchers
Many varieties of washes
Bird supplies
Fish supplies

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